We live in a day and age where “googling” something is an accepted verb and past-time. Surprising then that so many people know so little, when it is all readily available for the curious and discerning among us. For example, whenever I try to watch the news (any news station – take your pick) it doesn’t take me long to become ‘inspired’ to google somethings. The American electoral process (to clarify: it’s that day-time soap being broadcast 24-hours a day like it’s all news), is a good motivator to go google something. Like “dictionary.” Then you can look up fun words like “dillusion”


good times. For some people having their feelings explained helps get to the root of the problem. Also, for some people, having the proper word matched to their ignorance helps put a face to the hysteria. Now in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t matter in the slightest who my American friends choose to vote for, as they are an unusually intelligent lot in stark contrast to many of their countrymen and so their votes won’t accurately reflect the national sentiment. It also won’t matter as the office of the Presidency is not quite as omnipotent as we are all led to believe. Again, he is the face of the country (regrettably at times – anyone remember Bush?), but in a republic (yes you are a republic) the senate wields considerable power, and as in all modern western democracies you can’t really change the big problems because we can’t collectively admit to them as such. Not to mention that whether McCain or Obama wins, in 4 short years it might be another guy, and even in the unlikely event either of them will be an excellent president, he’ll still only get a max of 8. We might not like to admit this as it is highly damaging to what we consider right, but a good old fashioned Roman emperor would have solved things like national education, and retarded religious cults raping 12-year-olds in the name of some divine purpose a long time ago. We don’t, and through all the red tape can no longer allow our leaders to be truly strong. To stray from the expected path and really instill change. Change frightens us, even if it is for the better, and frankly we have enough on our minds. What we really want, but can’t admit, is a guy who will get on stage and say: “I am willing to take responsibility for when our democratic process fails you personally, and I am definitely going to soak up the spotlight when we score successes.”

Again google Webster’s big ol’ dictionary of the English language and type in: ‘dillusion’ then ask yourself – am I still thinking, or is that troublesome task being done for me? Oh and kids – if it takes another recount to confirm only 51% of the country is going to come out remotely satisfied… don’t come crying to me when comedy central can’t get enough air time to cover it all

I’m not going to rant or anything. To avoid doing that however, this is where I stop writing.


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