Every once in a long great while, something happens that defies the confines of its own existence. An event so deeply meaningful, with such profound impact on us, that we scarce can conjure the words to define it. Such things are rare and precious, and can last but seconds yet forge within us a powerful, lasting memory. It is part of our own humanity that such moments often acquire their significance long after they transpire; viewed anew from a wiser perspective, and given meaning by the time we dwell upon it, lost in thought. Far removed from the toils of the every day and the trivial pursuits we busy ourselves with, these events shine like beacons in the darkness – towering above great planes of mundane familiarity. Some are such a weight to carry that we become overburdened at the mere thought of them. Others lift us up when we have abandoned hope and can see not but darkness and despair. It is these moments that allow us to experience and feel the range of lesser emotions between them, and I am grateful. What good is happiness without the stark contrast of sadness to lend it context. How could we bare to despair in the dark of night without the knowledge that beyond the horizon the sun shines, as we make our journey slowly there.

Mind those moments – they give color to a monochrome world.


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