Times have changed. In the past, one man had worth. Two men put together conquered the heavens as they sought to fly. 300 men could inspire courage from the afterlife and know victory where others saw only defeat. What now can men claim? We kill our brother man. We have become more adept at cheating him than we are at helping him. How now do we go forth? Are we yet capable of extruding the Olympic message from the 24-hour propaganda reel broadcast live into our retinas? Do we see the bigger picture behind the invasion of Georgia? Are we still capable of construing our own opinion or are we lost without the ‘guidance’ of CNN?

I fear for all of us, and thus all of you. Wherever you are, and whatever you do – keep a weary on on the horizon of humanity and question what is generally accepted as the status quo. Do not just shrug your shoulders and accept what others have decided is best for you. Make your own decisions… please.


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