On love and loneliness

There is a sort of tragic irony in feeling alone in the biggest city in the world. I cannot take a step out of my door nor look out of my window without being confronted by a city scape which seems to stretch on forever.
Tokyo is a city that never sleeps and I am sleepless in it; the comfort and warmth of companionship just another silent longing in the darkness beneath the twinkling red lights.
Perhaps it is a small wonder that people are able to meet a suitable partner in a city such as this. When confronted with quite so many choices, it is difficult to imagine the terrible odds of selecting with any semblance of timeliness the right person.

Personally I believe if only we all tried a little harder, this process might be made a lot easier. I have never understood how to stop loving someone. I have never come to terms with the entirely alien notion that love is transitory – at the mercy of external factors beyond our control. I believe love can overcome, if not by itself, when it bolsters our resolve, spurs our motivation, or blinds us with euphoria in the face of overwhelming negativity. Love need never be salvaged; it is love that salvages us. Love saves us from the worst in ourselves – the filter that us helps us see things from a less cynical perspective.
Love is, to me at least, not an emotion. Love is a force. Love is an intangible, unquantifiable, and utterly wonderful product which is greater than its component parts. For lack of a better analogy, love is a bridge – a bridge over the dark currents of ignorance and apathy – that connect people in ways no other force can.


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