The First 10 Days

imageThe White House stands at 1600 Lexington Ave., Washington DC, but there’s no need to Google that; just follow the crowds. Another day, another protest, as “the Donald” continues to confuse the Presidency of the United States with CEO of America, Inc.

In today’s installment of the bat-shit crazy show going on over there, acting Attorney General Sally Hates was fired for doing her job. Namely, she was fired for refusing to legally defend the President’s illegal ban on immigrants based on their religion – something that is illegal by virtue of the Constitution of the United States as well as the Geneva Convention insofar as it applies to those fleeing persecution during times of war. Pair this with the installment of former Breitbart douche nozzle Steve Bannon on the National Security Council and you get the distinct impression that the “draining of the swamp” rhetoric from the campaign is part of the psychological warfare strategy called ‘gaslighting.’ (Google that. Please. Read up on how you are being lied to – don’t just accept that you are and move on)

There is also a baffling false equivalency argument being made with regard to the unprecedented number of executive orders emanating from the Trump/Bannon White House. See if this sounds familiar: “Obama did this for eight years!” or “You lost (democrats) get over it.” This childish position is easy to take of course, but it fails to account for the fact that not all Executive Orders are created equal.

The Affordable Care Act for instance was ultimately passed by Executive Order only after the Republican Senate blocked it out of spite. With the ACA Americans got healthcare. With Trump’s Executive Orders we get headlines. I will not pretend to be a proponent of Executive Orders; they set a dangerous precedent and ultimately are a tool to undermine the (theoretical) democracy in place. Worse, as we have now seen, Executive Orders can be devastating when penned by a moron on behalf of a psychopath. Finally, Executive Orders are short-term governance in a world of long-term impacts. Unless the Republicans stay in power indefinitely, at some point a Democratic President is going to undo past Executive Orders with his – or her – own. That becomes a vicious cycle and is useless in terms of long term stability and the welfare of the American people, as each administration seeks to undermine the work of the previous one if for no other reason than “because we can.”

Bannon – who has called himself a Leninist – wants to bring the establishment down (and replace it with a dystopian theocracy) and Trump thinks he’s playing monopoly with a hand in the bank. As always with shameless opportunists that means doing what they can get away with rather than what is right, just, good for the people, or even legal. So with rapid-fire headlines screaming bloody murder the world descends once more into fascism and those of us who say so will continue to get nowhere with that message in the same way a surgeon’s scalpel is a terrible tool for stopping a charging rhino.


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