About the blog

To start with

In the past – and for those of you born since the turn of the century, I mean before the internet was a staple of daily life – sharing one’s thoughts with others meant having to pick up a pen, or at the very least a telephone. These days, between Twitter, instant messaging, and cell phones capable of everything but taking over control of the satellites they rely on directly, it has become a lot easier and endlessly more convenient. I for one have finally succumbed to the peer pressure and started this blog.

What you will find here

The writings you will find on this blog are my musings on matters as varied as the things that appeal to me. Be warned here and now that my opinions are not for everyone. Having said that, they are strangely popular with a growing crowd of people who understand the difference between opinion and fact, and spend even more time online than I do.

And finally

If and when you may feel compelled to do so, comment on what you have read, ask questions or give answers I did not have, or contact me at the E-mail address provided.

I hope you enjoy what is written here, and that you will check back often.


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